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Q: How far in advance should I book the photobooth?


A: The sooner the better. We take bookings up to 12 months in advance (but of course we will take bookings over 12 months) to ensure you don’t miss out on having the booth for your special day.


Q: Do I need to pay the whole balance up front?


A: No. A minimum deposit of 50% is necessary to secure your booking. However, you are welcome to pay the balance in installments provided the last payment is made 21 days prior to the event. Please note: the deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. See our terms and conditions for more information.


If booked within 7 days of the event, full non-refundable payment must be received within 48 hours of booking.


Q: Will my guests have to pay to use the booth?


A: Nope, your guests will have unlimited access to the booth throughout the event.


Q: How many people can fit in the photobooth?


A: The closed-style booths are designed to fit 2-4 people comfortably, but you're welcome to try more. The open-style booths can fit an endless amount.


Q: How many copies of each photo do we receive?


A: You receive 2 copies of each photo. If you choose to have a guest book, you will receive 1 copy and the second copy can be placed in the guest book with a personal message.


Q: Can we have copies of all the photos taken at the event?


A: You bet! We will send you a complimentary USB containing all the photos of your event so you can email them to your friends, upload to social media or print loads of copies.


Q: Does the booth print colour or black and white photo strips?


A: It’s up to you! You can choose between colour or black and white.


Q: What venue access do you require?


A: We can get pretty much anywhere and are happy to liaise with your venue to discuss access possibilities. Even going up stairs is fine!


Q: When is the machine delivered?


A: We will set up the machines before your event starts so that it is ready to go when your guests arrive. If you would like us to set up even earlier, a stand by fee might apply just to cover the attendant.


Q: How much floor space does the booth require?


A: Our booth needs just under 3 metres x 3 metres of floor space and a power point nearby. 


Q: Do photos print out instantly?


A: They certainly do! Your photo strips will print out within seconds from our quality, commercial dye-sublimation printers so your pictures dry instantly with a smudge-proof waterproof coating.


Q: Can we add a logo or personal message to our photos?


A: Absolutely, we can work with you to come up with a personalised logo.


Q: What if my booked time is almost up and we’re still having too much fun?

A: You’re more than welcome to extend your time if need be. Please speak to one of our friendly attendants about the fee if you would like us to stay longer.


Q: What if my venue is outdoors?


A: We’re happy to set up our booths or printers outdoors provided that a flat solid ground and adequate rain cover is provided during your event as the machines aren’t waterproof. Please make sure to keep us informed prior to finalising your booking.


Q: Are your prices different on public holidays?


A: Our rates stay the same all year round :)